People love their providers
but getting healthcare sucks.
We are a team of doctors and consumer technologists, and we believe that making a better healthcare experience means people will take care of themselves and live longer, happier and healthier lives.

But today's healthcare experience has a problem. And the problem is two-sided.

An unsatisfactory patient experience

Today, if you want to make a restaurant reservation, chat with a friend, or buy something, you can open an app and tap away. But if you want to get healthcare, you have to search around online, wonder if they take your insurance, call to make an appointment, play phone tag with your provider and get surprise bills in the mail months later.

Your healthcare experience is disjointed across multiple systems.
Ideally, your end-to-end experience would be seamless.

The problems for patients
are also the same problems for providers.

A cobbled together healthcare practice

Providers can't provide a seamless experience for patients because their own systems are disjointed. Hospitals have all-in-one experiences, but every independent practice is forced to stitch together their own solution. What makes this even more challenging is that most online software is not HIPAA-compliant, making it even harder.

EHR’s are meant for health records. What about everything else?
Providers need an all-in-one platform for the entire experience.

Healthcare providers have accepted these problems for too long.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way.

We believe we can dispel some myths about independent healthcare practices.

EHRs are all you need to run a healthcare business.

EHR's are designed for patient records. They aren't built for business analytics, scheduling, or messaging.

Most healthcare happens in hospitals and big clinics.

Not necessarily. Over half the healthcare in the U.S. is provided by small practices of less than 3 providers.

Running an independent practice is expensive.

Does it have to be? We cut out the middlemen to make a great product at a fair price.

To run a practice, you have to be an expert in business.

Why reinvent the wheel? Our platform was built on decades of experience running successful practices.

Insurance is the only way to get paid for healthcare.

You're not locked into one choice- you can be in-network, out-of-network or direct pay on AirCare.


It all began with a mission to create the ideal healthcare experience for providers and patients.

Summer 2015
Started a consumer health service
We set out to help people optimize and improve their health.
Encountered the difficulty of scheduling
We learned that the simple act of scheduling an appointment was bottlenecking quality healthcare.
Launched an online booking tool
Made it easier for people to book appointments online with their providers.
Built a system for the provider-patient relationship
We launched a scheduling, communications and payments system.
Redesigned insurance
We invented a system that combines direct pay and the insurance world.
It's not an EHR.
It's not an EMR.

It's the provider-patient
technology layer.

And because it's designed for one provider and one patient, it will always be easy to use.

AirCare has the basics every provider needs in their practice. 
Our approach is simple:

A Product to Love

Providers and patients are the most important to us. You and your patients need to love the product.


We are building an all-in-one solution, so providers can save time from managing multiple systems.

Designed for You

We offer AirCare in a variety of plans fit for every type of practice.

Using these mantras, we continue to make dream healthcare tools that don't yet exist, are easy to use, and make life better.

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We are the healthcare company made for professionals like you.
We've lived through the struggle and gratification that comes with running a private practice.
This product is a reflection of those years of experience on the front lines right beside you.

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